Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A bite to remember

Almost immediately after checking in at the RiverRock Casino Resort for my travel media conference in Richmond, B.C., I rushed into Vancouver proper for some extra curricular dining. First stop, sampling the new lineup of plates created by Iron Chef Rob Feenie for the Cactus Club Cafe's menus. 
Many of these dishes have appeared in some form or another on the upscale menus of Lumiere and Feenie's, and remain relatively true to form at the more masses-friendly Cactus Clubs. 
The butternut squash ravioli, hit with beurre blanc and shaved black truffle, may be the second best thing I've ever put in my mouth.  


bro said...

what was the first? dirty joke aside lol!

drew barnard said...

cactus club is awesome. probably the best veggie burger and sweet potato fries i've ever had.

awesome menu!